I'm a Speech Therapist, Singer, and Actress. Whether you have an articulation deficit or an accent that you would like to modify or reduce, as a speech therapist, it is my job to help reach your goals. As a performer, I understand stage fright and performance anxiety, and am able to provide you the tools and exercises to help you relax and re-channel your nervousness, so you can feel free and present successfully with little to no discomfort. 


With my 20 years experience, I will provide you the techniques and tools so you will be able to speak at presentations, converse with others in business and social environments, and present well at interviews and auditions. Combining my speech and performance expertise, I will also be able to help you with both audition and performance pieces, ensuring that you articulate well, and freeing you up to communicate with confidence. 


Sessions are held either individually or in small groups. I am able to cater to your needs.


New York University

Speech-Language Pathology


Fordham University

Theater & Voice

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